Q: How long should my DVD movie/project be?
A: Depending on the event or occasion, project length can range from 3 to 30 minutes. The length will be determined to a great extent by the actual purpose, where it will be shown, and the nature of the honoree and audience. We will cover that in greater detail during our initial consultation.

Q: How do I get started?
A: 1) Begin with a free consultation to discuss the purpose and scope of your project, who is being honored, special elements required, etc.
2) Decide on the length of the project, quantity and nature of the material you want memorialized
3) Agree on music selections (to be provided by client, or purchased on client's behalf)
4) Determine the desired timeframe - project completion date
5) Establish a timeline of action items for the client and Afterglow Media
Q: How will I decide which photographs, video clips, etc. to use?

Once we've discussed the details of the event or occasion, and have made the music selections, that will help clarify the nature of the photos and other memorabilia which will be most effective in achieving the desired result. We can use any photo or document up to size 8 x 14. Reasonable changes and/or substitutions can be made during development of the project.

Q: Do you accept digital photos and slides?

Yes. Digital photos need to be in either .jpg or .gif format, and need to be a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch). We can also scan your 35mm slides and negatives.

Q: Can video clips be used in my project?

Yes. Video can add richness and production value for the project. VHS and most Mini DV formats are acceptable. If you have 8 mm or 16 mm film, we can have it converted to VHS or Mini DV for you.

Q: How do you determine the cost of your services?

Each project is unique, personalized and customized to the client's requirements. Pricing is developed on a per project basis, once all the desired elements are discussed and agreed upon. Our pricing structure begins at $750. The initial consultation is free. A 30% deposit is required at contract signing.

Q: Some of my photographs are in poor condition. Can they still be used?

Occasionally the condition of some photographs and video precludes their use; however, we are reasonably successful restoring and using most photos and other media provided for inclusion in our clients' projects.

Q: How much notice does Afterglow Media need to create a project?

We prefer contract signing 60 days prior to the event; however, we can be flexible depending on circumstances.

Q: Can my photos be converted digitally to a CD for preservation?

Afterglow Media provides this additional service at no extra charge.

Q: Can I add to my project in the future?

Yes. Your project will be preserved and safely stored in a format that will easily permit additions and updates at a future date.

Q: Will I be able to see my project during its development?

Your input and feedback will be an important component in assuring that your vision is realized. Typically our clients review their projects once or twice prior to completion.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

We accept personal or business checks, money orders and cashier's checks.

Q: How are music choices made? What about music rights?

We will collaborate on appropriate music selections. Our clients can provide music they have purchased on a CD, or we will purchase music on their behalf through a legitimate Internet site, such as iTunes. As long as the client has purchased the music legally, royalty fees do not apply. Legally purchased music can be used for an occasion where no admission or fee is charged for listening, such as a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, memorial service, corporate event, etc. Since the project is strictly for personal use, legal use of the music is covered under the Fair Use Provision of the music copyright laws.

Q: How are my photos stored in your office until you are finished with them?

We scan your material immediately upon receipt, then return the to the client as quickly as possible. If necessary, the material is secured in a locked file cabinet, in a locked, climate-controlled, office until it is picked up or returned.


Q: How many copies of the finished presentation are included with my project?

Afterglow Media includes 3 DVDs under the contract. Additional copies can be purchased at $20.00 each.


Q: Can I include interviews in my project?

Yes. We are equipped to conduct professional interviews, or you can provide interviews to be included in the project.


Q: If I have questions that are not addressed on your web site, how do I get them answered?

Send an email to marcia@afterglowmedia.com, or call 888.476.3373. The best way to get information is to take advantage of Afterglow Media's free initial consultation.