Afterglow Media makes it possible for the future to experience the past.

Afterglow Media brings memories to life in a professional, digital creation that can be shared at special events and enjoyed by family and friends over and over again. This permanent record preserves your priceless moments in time, as well as those of your special friends and loved ones.

Such a magical gift becomes a personal heartwarming, humorous, gripping, delightful, touching enhancement to anyone’s:

  • birthday
  • vacation
  • confirmation
  • anniversary
  • bar/bat mitzvah

  • retirement
  • graduation
  • philanthropy
  • reunion
  • memorial
  • wedding
  • corporate event
  • adoption
  • fundraiser
  • pet(s)
  • achievements

Is there a more unique way to make your loved one a star, or say thank you to someone special in your life?

You will be amazed at what we can do with your:

  • still photographs
  • slides
  • transparencies
  • digital photographs (jpeg, tiff)
  • photo CDs
  • video tape – all formats
  • Film – all formats
  • clippings, certificates, awards, diplomas
  • and more

Additional Services Provided:

If you are like most people, you have an unorganized collection of important keepsakes, photos, scrapbooks, videos and other memorabilia in boxes, on shelves and in storage. One day you intend to do something with them, but time goes by and they are still there, unappreciated and deteriorating.

Afterglow Media will help you simplify the process of organizing and preserving them!

We specialize in

  • the capture, transfer, restoration and preservation of your visual and audio materials, converting them to a long-lasting, digital format, for easy storage and safe keeping
  • conducting professional video tape interviews, as part of your special project
  • digital archiving of your project, which allows you to add to your story in the future, obtain additional DVDs or copies of restored photos, etc.
  • a consolidated digital record of your possessions and valuables, home improvements and/or remodel, which can be periodically updated